My first hit after 3 and a half weeks

It feels like I’ve been away a lot longer because I missed playing so much. But this period was the best because, even if i have a wonderful life, I could sense what I feel about tennis and how I feel when I can’t play it. I love this sport, now I understand why for so many years I’ve been living for it and enjoying so much being a professional at the highest level. Of course it’s not easy to be there, mentally and emotionally you get exhausted, and now I realise how strong I have been. When you get injured before your favorite tournament, where you have played your best tennis and competed for 10 years non-stop, you feel very sad and ask yourself “why is this happening to me?” After a few weeks I understood that this was happaning FOR me! So now I just want to face every challenge that comes to me. I don’t know if I am fully recovered physically but what I do know is that I’m ready to face what’s next.


Thanks so much for showing me support every step of the way 💪❤️


Mesaj revelion

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