Year 2021

Well… 2021 you have been hmmmm, tough to describe. To be honest, it has been an incredibly challenging year. Right before starting it we suffered a huge pain in our hearts as a family because we lost one of our very close relations, my father’s sister, my Auntie. She was a strong, special person and will always be in our hearts and minds. It was the toughest moment for me and it took me a while to accept it, but I understood in the end that this is life and that we must overcome heartache and stay strong.

I was emotionally exhausted for a long period of time and then I started to suffer some little injuries until the big one came, the calf injury in Rome. I didn’t know how to manage it because I had never faced something like that before. My desire to play was huge, but I couldn’t play for a few months and had to miss my beloved Roland Garros and was unable to defend my title at Wimbledon. I started to struggle with confidence and to question if I could come back to where I was, if I could trust my body to hold up.

Fast forward to this moment and the thing I am most proud of after all these challenges, is that today I feel confident that I will play well again and, with hard work, I will create some other great moments on court.

This year didn’t start well, but it finished in a positive way and I’m excited for what lies ahead.


Thanks to Darren for being by my side during these tough times.

Thanks to Daniel for being there always.

Thanks to my new coach Adrian for coming back and bringing me the light of confidence, and a smile on the court.

Thanks to my physios (kinetic sport medicine) for taking care of me every time.

Thanks to my family for supporting me no matter what.

Thanks to my very close friends for being there always.

Thanks to my husband for being in my life. ❤️


2022, I’m really looking forward to meeting you, but now holiday please!!! 🙏🏼

Mesaj revelion

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